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The Clearing’s Vision:

That marriage in America will once again hold a position second only to God.

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The Clearing is a non-profit with 501 c 3 tax exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.

We Believe That:

  • Marriage in America is in grave trouble.
  • That a healthy marriage is the bedrock of any civilization and through it the next generation receives the core and best values of that civilization.
  • Without a preponderance of healthy marriages a civilization will crumble.
  • The current cultural tide against sustained, successful marriages in America negatively impacts our nation’s future more than any other factor.
  • The Clearing can, should and must be part of changes needed to redirect the future of marriage in America.

It is a Fact That:


Please Help us put healing couples in these chairs

  • Married people live longer than the unmarried or divorced.
  • Married people are more successful in careers, earn more, and accumulate more wealth.
  • Children of married couples tend to be more academically successful, more emotionally stable, and more often assume leadership roles.
  • Children with married parents have the lowest odds of poverty out of all family arrangements.
  • Happily married employees increase profitability, while unhappily married employees decrease profitability.
  • Happily married employees are healthier, have improved immune system functioning and can handle stress better.
  • Happily married couples are more loyal and stable employees, with less job turnover, less absenteeism, and greater dependability.

We Have Observed That:

  • Most people genuinely desire to be married and have a healthy marriage.
  • Traditional hourly/weekly marriage counseling is too often too little and too late.
  • Small group intensive (4 day) professionally guided retreats are efficient and remarkably effective.
  • “Intensives” have emerged as the cutting edge marriage therapy technique of choice.

The Clearing Mission

To make group marriage intensive technology available throughout America to all who desire to renew, refresh or restore their marriage for themselves and future generations.

The Clearing is a channel of healing for our culture – one marriage at a time.

Ways to Become InvolvediStock_000014470552_Medium-1

  • Prayer:
    • Please pray for the marriages and families entrusted to us.
    • Pray that couples needing an intensive will find out about us.
  • Spread the Word:
    • Tell friends and family members there is great HOPE for troubled marriages.
    • Tell pastors about The Clearing for the couples they counsel.
    • Tell employers about The Clearing for the benefit of their employees and corporate community.
  • Become a Host Couple:
    • Call us to learn more about the privilege of serving as a Host Couple for a future marriage intensive retreat.
  • Contribute toward our Scholarship Fund:
    • Help provide a scholarship for a couple unable to afford the full cost of an intensive.
  • Contribute Toward Our General  Operating Fund:
    •  Our goal is to provide the best and most effective intensive retreat experience on the planet. Despite our frugal stewardship, quality is costly. Please help us maintain our ability to provide excellence.  Monthly contributions that can be counted are the mainstay of our financial stability.